The Volume „Historical moments in the History of Europe” includes a study about The Book of Whispers

Dana Sala, in the article “Cartea Şoaptelor, by Varujan Vosganian: The Palimpsest of Collective Memory”52, focuses on the relationship between history and otherness. In this book the author identifies three paradoxes. Thus “The first paradox is about the relationship between the dead ones and their descendants, between death and life inside a community”53. The author points out that the second paradox is about suffering.54 Last but not least, the authors points out: “A third paradox i...

The first echo of the English version of The Book of Whispers: „ one of the most important lessons I ever learned in my life”!

Thoughts While Reading: The Book of Whispers The language of this book is simply stunning.  It is poetry.  It is music that flows over your soul through your eyes.  This brings to mind one of the most important lessons I ever learned in my life:  the way you say something can have tremendous power, either positive or negative.  So much of the time we diminish our words to practically nothing - slang, emojis, text shorthand.  There is no power in the things we say this way.  That is...

Welcome to the Reader*s Club: Conductor Christian Badea

Welcome to the Reader*s Club: Conductor Christian Badea ! Cunoscutul dirijor Christian Badea este unul dintre admiratorii Cărții șoaptelor, pe care o consideră demnă de Premiul NObel pentru Literatură. „Am primit romanul, ne-a relatat Chirstian Badea, după o zi dificilă, cu repetiții și concert, am deschis-o și până spre dimineață nu am putut-o lăsa din mână...”

Spain: „The Book of Whispers”, the main refference for the Armenian genocide

„Existe una gran base en documentales, películas y literatura sobre el genocidio armenio. Altamente recomendable es El libro de los susurros de Varujan Vosganian, la melodía 1915 de Ara Malikian y el clásico Adana, el nombre de la provincia de un pogromo de 1909 del pueblo armenio, que cuenta la historia del genocidio armenio y ha sido traducida ya a 17 idiomas.” http://www.focusonwomen.es/genocidio-armenio/

An impressive study appeared in School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London (photo) (summer 2017.)

Quiet Voices, Faded Photographs: Remembering the Armenian Genocide in Varujan Vosganian’s ‘The Book of Whispers’ ANDREEA MIRONESCU ‘ Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iasi, Department of Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences and Humanities ABSTRACT Drawing on concepts such as post-genocide literature, postmemory (Marianne Hirsch), and resonance (Aleida Assmann), this paper discusses a third-generation narrative of the Armenian genocide, namely Varujan Vosganian...